Glob projects

Site improvement:
- Cora Miskolc (1998-2000) @
- Cora Szeged (1997-1999)
- Profi Supermarkets (Budapest, Tatabanya, Nagykoros, 1994-2003)
- Penny Market (Erd, Hodmezovasarhely)
- Plusz Supermarket (Pecs, 1998-2000)
- Cora (Torokbalint, 1996)
- Airport Center Ferihegy, Budapest Business and logistics Park (in progress) @
Investments (with partners):
- Taverna Portfolio (5 hotels / 40 shops, co-investor)

Glob Activities

Our business activities include real estate development, investment
and consultancy in the region.
Besides ordinary retail and warehouse developments, Glob Group
recently undertook several office development projects. Targets are
the main major cities (minimum population of 200,000) in the
region especially in Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia and Romania. As for
the retail development projects we target medium sized settlements
(minimum population of 40,000) as well.
In our development works we have the utmost regard for functional-
ity, high quality as well as adequate and satisfactory utilization.
As an investor, our company is looking for such rented high quality
properties at excellent locations, where market value can be steadily
and significantly increased by the completion of certain value
adding developments.
In the past 15 years the total value of investments materialized with
our cooperation has exceeded 200 million euros, furthermore the
value of our ongoing projects approximates to 1 billion euros.

Glob Group

Glob Group with its more than 15 years of experience in the real
estate market is one of the most successful developers of the region.
The company exploits its profound knowledge and extensive social
networks not only in Hungary but more and more in the Slovakian,
Romanian and Serbian market of commercial and industrial proper-
ties as well.
The most fundamental element of the company's success is the
excellent partnership with co-investors, co-developers and tenants.
The provided real estate services include overall developer and
classic investor services as well as certain minor supplementary
services (such as plot re-zoning, legal clearance, permits, etc.).
We rely on our highly qualified experts and the strong and reliable
network of our partners when performing not only the simpler,
standard jobs, assignments but also when actively participating in
ambitious large-scale projects.
Behind our company's past, present and future success key drivers
always were partnership based on mutual confidence and teamwork
combined with well established professional background.
Oscar Pfeffermann